iKarateLive Winner's Circle

We believe in a healthy level of competition, we love seeing the successes of our martial arts family. The people listed here are proud members of various martial arts dojos and sport karate schools from all around the nation. These people earned the right to our Winners Circle by showing their skill against other equally trained martial artist. When you join a club that is active in tournaments you find great opportunity to travel throughout the world which gives you direct access to sponsored teams, wonderful host and promoters, and some really cool martial arts gear companies. You also quickly learn how different martial artist are from other athletes. In our world nobody sits the bench. Participation is encouraged and even the opposing teams support the individual efforts of each athlete.

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Becoming a better martial arts competitor is about having the perfect combination of physical abilities like strength, flexibility, endurance, and focus…as well as getting your body fueled with proper diet. Meal planning and nutritional supplements can take you to the next level. Ask your favorite fighter which plans they use or check out some of the great companies listed at the bottom of this page. Remember, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!