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The links below are designed to help parents understand some of the more complicated parts of tournament play.

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iKarateLive's Mission

Is to connect every martial arts student with the best promoters, host and services.

In the over 100 years of training and competing we have had the honor to meet so many wonderful people with great knowledge and endless depths into the roots of our systems and traditions. We are constantly humbled by the graciousness of fantastic tournament host and the hordes of volunteers that are needed to make their events run smoothly. These same events are where we met our karate families. These families have supported us in ways that we can't possibly repay in our lifetime.

iKarateLive is our way of bringing our extended families together. We want you to have the opportunity to meet one another in hopes that you can develop bonds that last a lifetime.

iKarateLive gives a digital roadmap to the best martial arts academies, the best promoters, the fastest and most up to date news and an interactive forum that allows all of us the means to reach thousands of people in the martial arts community at a moment's notice.

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